Feb 1, 2011

2nd Monday Do-Overs

 If you remember, one of the things I don't much care for about Tuesdays is they're sort of undefined. They're this neither here-nor-there sort of day.
Some people don't care for Mondays; I don't mind them because they bring a new beginning and a jump start for the week
(slow, reluctant, and coffee-fueled as it may be).  Though I'm never happy about being pried away from my weekend, let's be clear on that!

What if Tuesdays were a
second-chance-for-a-fresh-start sort of day?
What if I could re-do yesterday, but better?
 Let's call them Second Mondays.

Here are my 2nd Monday Do-overs:

Actually check the chain on the bicycle before heading out. Last night I had to ride ride very slowly & carefully;  any extra force on the pedals meant a slipped chain.  Dodging traffic when your bike ain't moving is NO fun!        
Buy more clearance fabric. C'mon, it was on clearance! 5 yards just won't do!
Think twice about licking that chocolate off my fingers while eating Oreos. I was almost instantly sure I had just licked chain grease instead.
Not make that 10:30pm phone call last night. Those are usually not a good idea.

 See? I feel pretty good about today already, knowing I won't do that again!

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