Jan 3, 2011

Why Tuesdays?

Tuesdays,  oh Tuesdays. You're the blah of the week. By Tuesday,  I've only been at work for a day so I haven't reeeeally gotten much work done, 
no projects have been finished.

Monday is a fresh start.
Wednesday marks the middle.
Friday is FUN day!
Saturday is for beach and shopping,
Sunday for church, family and hammocks.


Nothing exciting ever happens on a Tuesday. (Well, alright, except for elections, Mardi Gras, and new album releases.)

In 2009, all my days seemed to be Tuesdays. I was newly unemployed, the boyfriend left, the condo I was renting foreclosed, and I had given away most of my furniture and clothes.
Every day dragged on, with no direction, no purpose, and
nothing to look forward to (or so it seemed).

I moved in with my family and found a temporary job,
but I knew there just had to be more for me!

One year passed, I found a temporary place of my own
(not without it's own drama, but we'll skip over that part)
and set about figuring out how to put myself back together. 

I had one frying pan and one pot, no plates or utensils,
no clothes dresser, no couch, no TV. 
But I had a bed, a table rescued from the dumpster, and my sewing machine.
So I got to sewing.

And it made me happy.

And so, still without much direction or purpose now,
and without much of a plan,
 I sew.
I've made bags and skirts and clutches. And I know this is something I have to continue doing because it brings me joy. I do it for it's own sake.

Because not knowing where I should be working, or living, or what I should be doing with my life, I need to be in the "here and now," working on something I can see and touch and feel good about.

Here's to Tuesdays!


  1. I like what creativity, crafts, and sewing represents in your life!

    Everyone has a "tuesday" week, month, year, or even worse...life...Watching you discover the things that help w/ ur "Tuesdays" is something I look forward too!

    Cheers to your exciting journey! Seriously...I think this is great!

  2. I love love love that you're one of my best (and loudest) cheerleaders! I still haven't figured out if crafting is a direction or a distraction, but I don't think I really need to chose one or the other right now. So for now, it's both!

    It's true, I've been blessed so no room to complain. times are a-changin'.



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