Feb 28, 2011

Pizza and a What!

I'll give you another minute to stare at it and imagine just how delicious it was.
Because it was that good!

Go ahead, I'll wait.


Ahhhh alright, welcome back.

Recently I came home from work with a hankering for pizza and lately I've been meaning to try my hand at making bread, sooooo ... perfect timing!

I used tons of fantastic information from the ladies over at Our Best Bites as my inspiration.
 (Again, I say inspiration because I'm no good at following instructions)

I haven't tried their other recipes yet but  go over there and take a look. I mean, c'mon Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake?! Are you serious?! *drool*  They have everything!

(You still with me, or did glance back at the picture again?? I know I did.)

I {mostly}  followed their method for pizza 101 and used their dough recipe (which apparently also makes awesome breadsticks!) to make my slacker version of their flatbread pizza.

Really easy! No, seriously, REALLY easy!  If you haven't tried your hand at this, you toooootally should.

The basics:

Mix your water, sugar, and yeast & wait till they get themselves all worked up.

Add the salt & flour, mix, knead, wait....rise. (See? Easy!)

Shape, and bake.  Mmhhhhh (I cut off a piece to try it)

While the crust is a-bakin' you can prep your toppings & make the sauce.

Caramelized onions & spinach. Delishus. Because it's SO good it makes you misspell!!
I made a basic garlic cream sauce, but Our Best Bites does have a yummy-sounding recipe for Alfredo sauce as well.  Sprinkle with some feta, and voila!

I used the garlic cream sauce for the pizza but I mixed a little of the leftover with some store-bought marinara (the combo of the two has a name, just can't remember) to use as dipping sauce. And oohhh boy was it good!!!
You know how good it was?  This good:

So go ahead, give yourself a fist bump and a Whaaat!
Don't worry, no one's looking.

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