Feb 7, 2011

On *NOT* being


Sick. Bleech.
When I wrote last week about all the things I'm not I knew that there are many times when not is a good thing.  And I planned to write about that. Until this plague took over my whole body.

I blame it on this
but more on that later.
As a start, here are a few good things about NOT... And boy am I grateful for them right now!

There are no children to look after. Oh heavens I can't imagine how some of you do it when all you want to do is sleep and there is a child to feed, clothe, care for, etc.  I've been eating crappy soup and bread for two days and I'm ok with that.

No boyfriend/husband around...for anything. I'll admit, as nice as it to imagine that there would be some handsome guy serving me soup, the reality is that he'd probably try to stay the heck away from me. And the dishes would still not be done.

So instead I get to look like a crazy bag lady and don't have to worry about cooking for anyone.  I haven't brushed my hair in two days, my legs are a tad fuzzy (c'mon, be honest, we all do it sometimes), and I haven't changed out of this shirt since Saturday night.

The apartment is in a state of disarray that I haven't seen since the whole my-dishwasher-puked-in-my-kitchen incident... and I don't have to worry about cleaning it up for anyone.

Dishes are dirty.

Tissues are strewn about.

The bed is un-made.

My whole face is gonna explode out of my ears soon (or that's how it feels) but
at least for right now,
 I'm glad I get to do it in the privacy of my own little space. Alone.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.
Who knew!? I'm actually looking forward to Tuesday. Go figure.

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  1. Hey Carla..
    Hope you feel better...soon! At least you got to make more bags right? Or...maybe not.



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