Feb 18, 2011

Feeling human again & a new addiction

I finally feel human again! I’m well! I can breathe!
And I can no longer count my pulse in the pounding in my ears. All good things.
In the process of getting well, however, I’ve neglected a few housekeeping duties, and that's putting it mildly! 
See how this is directly in front of the door?? Yup, that's right...I just stepped around it.

In my defense, these were clutches "in progress" but they're done now.
This is where newspapers, and sweatshirts(?!) go to die.
"airing out" the costume.... 7 days later!

Finally cleaned up all those newspapers....

...which then turned into a craft project. Ha!
See? You think your place is messy!
Don’t you feel better already?
You're welcome.

On another note, since my ears were still bothering me a little from being sick, I couldn't stand the sound of the sewing machine. So I found something I could do in shhhhhhhhhh.... silence.
And now I'm hooked.
I'll tell ya more about it soon

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