Feb 16, 2011

How to: Fabric labels

This is probably really old news for some of you, but did you know you can print on fabric!
I know! Brilliant, right?!
I did some googlin’ around and there is tons of information out there. (Heck, even HP has a page that outlines the steps.)
All you (mostly) need is an inkjet printer, and “treated” fabric, so the ink stays.
You can buy pre-treated sheets,
treat your own with some Bubble Jet Set,
or make your own solution!
(Bubble Jet Set ain’t cheap!)

Though I’m sure this info is everywhere, I used a recipe from Craftster posted here as my “inspiration”
….and I say inspiration because:
a) I couldn’t find the Washing soda/ Soda Ash (sodium carbonate)
b) I can’t be bothered to measure ingredients. Ever.

So I used some generic oxygen-cleaning technology stuff (think Oxiclean) since it contains sodium carbonate, and eyeballed all the measurements. I know, sue me.
(SIDE NOTE: I once had a student ask me what it means to eyeball a measurement, as in : “Does that mean you just stare at it for a while?”       *sigh*       kids….)

The rest is pretty much business as usual, but here are some notes:
  • I cut the fabric on the bias so the tags wouldn't fray
  • I used freezer paper to stabilize the fabric instead of interfacing
  •  I'm pretty sure I didn't wait 20 minutes after printing. I was too excited.
  • I cut the tags with the freezer paper still on 'em. Easier for cutting except then I had to peel 30 little strips off. I'm ok with that.

I really like how they turned out! And now I have brand new tags to go on all the purses. Yippee!!
Mmmhhhhh... now let's see....what else can I print??

This week I linked over at Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom!
Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

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  1. I LOVE your labels! Great idea of cutting them on the bias.



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