Jan 6, 2011

Things I like about my job #1

In early December I went to Ikea and for just a few bucks, bought myself
what I thought would be a perfect cutting table
One of these beauties right here.
Except that I'm six feet tall, and the table is barely 2 and a half feet high.
This makes for a sore back and a very cranky fabric-cutting Carla.

Fast foward a few weeks to some last minute Christmas shopping and I come across these babies, on clearance! Yup, bought 'em!

(Ever buy something not because you actually need it, but because it's on sale and you tell yourself "I'm sure I'll use it for something!"? Yeah, me neither. Hehehe)

So this past Tuesday (!), I told my boss about my cutting table woes, and four hours later I had....

...some really sexy new rolly shoes for my table! And now it's the perfect height!!! He even stained them to match the floor.  That's right, my engineer/machinist boss can build robot arms, dancing wheelchairs... and sewing table extensions!

 (Side Note: He also made me the reeeeally awesome 1/2 inch thick plexiglass ruler you see in the first pic, with holes every two inches to mark both 1/4in.
AND 1/2 inch seam allowance!
Of course, I had to explain what a seam allowance is first.)

One more thing I like about my job.


  1. Wait...so Tuesdays are starting to sound pretty nice huh? ;->

  2. They are! Or at least I have to make them appear that way :)
    Today, there was chocolates, so I consider that another Tuesday win!



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