Jan 18, 2011

Full disclosure: Secret Crush

 Alright, I have to admit it... I've got a crush!

Well, several really. And they're nothing new, but a conversation this weekend encouraged me to blurt them out the world. Maybe it's not healthy to keep 'em all bottled up inside. Or at least, that's what my friend V would have me believe. (Eh. What does he know, right?! :-)

So, in no particular order, and even if I'm a little ashamed of most of them, I present, my secret crushes.

 Common, the hip hop artist & actor.  I mean, really! The man's sooo adorably handsome!
How could you NOT like him?

Bumblebee, the transformer.
And no, not the car. I mean the "guy" version of Bumblebee.
*hangs head in shame*
I can't explain it. I won't even try.


 Cops who direct traffic.
Well, maybe not that first guy,

 but definitely this guy! (How dapper!)

War Machine. Actually, that one is equal parts:
 War Machine (ooohh the suit! And the attitute!),
Don Cheadle (the human),
and Rhody* (the character).

*and not the Terrance Howard version of Rhody. 
Dean & Deluca, the store. All of it.
Special love for the cookie section.
No explanation needed.

I'm not always proud of it folks, but there they are! Well, truth be told, there are a few other crushes lying around too, but those will stay secret.

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