Mar 30, 2011

Full disclosure: "Love will find you out"


Have you got a minute? Make one. Set aside a few. You’ll need them. I had to share what might very well be one of the most painfully beautiful things I have ever read. Here’s a glimpse:
“…Go ahead, be disappointed.
Nothing turned out how you hoped.
Sit under a tree and tell me the whole of it
and I won’t say a word.
I won’t say a single word…”
It’s a journal entry by Jen Lemen who has quickly drawn me in with her words in an incredibly unexpected way.
Read the entire piece, Love will find you outhere.

By the way, I found the piece through Kind Over Matter. What a lovely little space of feel-good-ness!
Go check her out. You’ll feel better.

Why is this full disclosure? Because I'm pretty sure she's talking to me.

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