Jun 16, 2011

Full Disclosure: An invitation to the universe

Driftingman with Open Arms, Wooden HeartHere's the idea: there are things I crave, things I long for, and those things are out there. So this is me, putting it out there, open arms, saying "here I am!"  

An open invitation to the universe to do its thing.

And in return, I can do my thing and possibly provide things for others that they crave, that they long for.

Without getting all New Age-ish or all spiritual like or whatever, I really do think this concept has its merits. We all want something and we all have something to give. If we're willing to express those needs, and offer something in return, we can all gain something.

And don't get me wrong, it's not necessarily that I'm asking that all these things just fall into my lap. *Plop!*
But, let's be honest, that's how it works sometimes, right? An opportunity presents itself, just at the right time, exactly when we were just telling a friend how we wanted [insert a desire here]. And a short time later...

Poof! Someone mentions they're looking to hire.
Poof! A relative tells you they have a washer/dryer to get rid of, do you want it?
Poof! You win tickets to a play in a raffle.

Ya never know...

I originally saw this concept over at Unicorns for Socialism, written by the brilliant Alexandra Frazen. Her open invitation to the universe was actually the second-go-round for her, and turns out her first was rather fruitful too!

So, with a hopeful heart, here begins a list of what I wish:

  • Win a trip to Paris via Oh Happy Day (ooohhh, wouldn't that be something?!)
  • Have a tune-up on my bicycle (or get a new one) at an affordable price
  • Go on a Mediterranean cruise with friend(s) in tow
  • Find 5k motivator/ work-out buddy 
  • Find a non-surgical solution to an excessive sweat problem (hey, it's a fact of life, no sense in hiding it) which doesn't involve slathering on copious amounts of (possibly toxic) metals & chemicals several times a day, which still only yield mild (if ANY) success
  • Get a reeeeeally good massage, by a pro, and definitely over 60 minutes
  • Earn enough $ (method yet to be determined) to not have to work in a cubicle/office all day
  • Someone to teach me to bake a really good cake/tart/muffin/cupcake
  • Someone to teach me to decorate said cake/tart/muffin/cupcake
  • An mp3 player of some sort (bonus points for an awesome playlist) that I can use for runs
  • Watch a Broadway musical. On Broadway. Already in my queue? Wicked, Lion King, Chicago,  Avenue Q (well, that last one's technically "off-Broadway")
  • To find paying work/assignments where I can use my teaching skills
  • Participate in a neat-o crafty venture/event for a good cause
  • Receive a hand-written letter from someone. A friend. A stranger. Either way, it says something nice.
  • And, to visit and explore any/all of these cities/places at minimal/no cost:
 San Fran
 San Diego
 Key West
 Portland, OR
 Portland, ME
Costa Rica

Whew! This is by no means an exhaustive list. But a girl can't get too greedy! Not yet anyway.
Selfish? Some might thing so. But not this girl!

(Some of) What I can offer in return:

  • handmade goodies of the fabric-related variety
  • the best damn flan you'll ever have (say goodbye to that crap they serve @ restaurants!)
  • Home-made bread
  • a day/lunch/evening of some sort of activity/adventure/conversation/food/drink/walk/whatevs... sometimes we all just need a buddy
  • practice time for your spoken Spanish
  • (very) basic lessons in sewing or related project
  • help/tutoring in math-ish things
  • typing services, because I'm a little dweeby like that
  • some other thing or service that we haven't thought of yet

> exhales <

Alright, it's out there... let's hope for the best. Oh, yeah and what's on YOUR list? What invitation are YOU sending out to the universe?

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